AIUDF announces three, ready for trade-off


As the hurly-burly of ticket distribution of two major political parties BJP and Congress have caught everyone attention, silently in the shadow the AIUDF is waiting to see who are the better player to pick up their tab.

They have announced three candidates last night and waiting to see how the Congress and BJP respond to it. The candidates are  Dhubri (Badaruddin Ajmal), Karimganj (Radheshyam Biswas) and Barpeta (Hafiz Rafikul Islam).

The AIUDF do have winning capability at Dhubri and Karimganj but it can swing decisively in Barpeta, Nagaon, Mangaldoi and even Koliabor. So the choice between AIUDF is a secret deal with Congress and an ultra-secret deal with the BJP.

“Let us see how the bigger political parties handles us, then we will open our cards” said Mr Ajmal while releasing the names at Chapor yesterday.

So whoever makes the better arrangement, AIUDF is gong that way. Last time it was BJP who used AIUDF with ultra-secret deal ensuring the defeat of the most of the Congress candidates.

This time also in Barpeta, Koliabor, Nagaon and Mangaldoi, AIUDF is the BJP’s secret arsenal. A strong AIUDF candidate means doom for Congress.

Hence both Congress and BJP are trying to win Mr. Badaruddin Ajmal, the AIUDF boss. The Congress is more organized and they had at least four rounds of the meeting involving both Congress State President Ripun Bora and former Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi.

The BJP has a deeper pocket but AIUDF also realizes that it comes to a lot of risks as Muslims are already abandoning AIUDF to flock near the Congress in a bid to prevent the split of the Muslim vote.

On the other hand, Congress has a series of meeting with the AIUDF for a secret deal but the AIUDF want an open deal, which is again suicidal for Congress. As of now. AIUDF looks like have been given Dhubri and Congress in exchange of dummy candidate of AIUDF in the other constituencies. All will come to know in the next 2-3 days. But the truth is that BJP’s go man for AIUDF was Dr Himanta Biswa Sharma, who has been sulking.

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