AJP Slams State Govt Over Price Hike


Assam Jatiya Parishad’s (AJP) President Lurin Jyoti Gogoi, General Secretary Jagadish Bhuyan slams Sarbananda Sonowal led BJP government over the price rises of essential commodities and fuel on Monday.

Adressing a press confrence, Gogoi said that the Sonowal government came to power with the slogan of controlling inflation but the government itself has completely failed to control the inflation.

“The rates of Petrol and diesel have been skyrocketing” Gogoi said during the press confrence on today.

Adding more Gogoi said, “The Sonowal government has introduced anti-government and anti-people policies.”

Furthermore, newly formed regional political party president said Assam has highest electricity bill in the country. The BJP government has hiked the prices of all essential commodities, therefore state farmers have to sell their products at a very low price.

Morever they said that if AJP comes to power then they will cracks down on brokers, syndicates.

“The consicuences of these price hike will be shown in election result” Gogoi said.

 ‘We live among the people, we work for the people’

Lurinjyoti Gogoi also give response over AJP’s banner-poster slit. He said, “This incident proves that the common people are not safe, and Government is failed to provide security”.

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