Al Jazeera holds discussion on exercise of NRC | Samujjal Bhattacharya makes process clear


The process of updating the NRC has not only stirred a lot of controversy in India, its ripples have spread worldwide. The middle-east news broadcaster, Al Jazeera, had also organised a discussion on the process of updating NRC.

AASU Advisor Dr Samujjal Bhattcharya participated in the discussion as a representative advocating the process. Participating in the discussion, Bhattacharya enlightened the other participants as well as the broadcaster about the importance and the circumstances under which the whole idea of NRC came into being.

While speaking at the discussion, he reiterated “It’s a legal process, it is a transparent process and it is being monitored by the Supreme Court. That’s very important. Nobody should fear. Who have entered upto 1971, irrespective of religion and language, there name will be there in the updated NRC”.

Bhattacharya also made it clear on the international platform that Assam is not a dumping ground for Bangladeshis, saying, “It is a question of citizen and non-citizen. The persons who have entered illegally in India, they cannot stay here. India is for Indians and Assam and India is not for illegal foreigners, that’s very clear”.

Further, the AASU Advisor also stated that the process of updating the NRC is not being conducted on the grounds of any religion or language; it is only being designed by groups with various vested interests, to look like it is anti-Muslim or anti-Hindu or anti-Bengali. The fact is that these allegations are false, he added.


Featured Image: Al Jazeera

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