Assam launch contract tracing of Corona +ve American Tourist


Assam has launched a major contract tracing as a 76-year-old American tourist has become the biggest scare of coronavirus in Assam as he was found positive in Bhutan upon arrival from Guwahati.

The tourists had a seven-day cruise in the river Brahmaputra along with his friend. He was on the cruise between February 23 to March 2. It has not been yet confirmed which cruise he had taken.

The Prime Minister office of Bhutan has confirmed the development and that was corroborated by Assam Health officials also.

The Assam Government health officials informed that the  Integrated disease surveillance program (IDSP) officials are now trying to find out the trail of the tourist which has not been named. So far 56 persons have been identified and they are under observation.

From the immigration official to the driver of his vehicle as well as hotels where he had stayed and visited places were being investigated.

The patient is a 76-year-old from the United States of America, who had come to Bhutan as a tourist. He had entered the country from Paro International Airport, after embarking Drukair flight KB241 from Guwahati, India on March 2.

The patient was touring India from February 21 to March 1. He had started his travel from Washington DC on February 18. The patient was travelling with his partner, aged 59.

At the Paro International Airport, the patient’s health declaration form was assessed. He had indicated “negative” against all conditions. He did not have a sign of fever.

However, upon reaching Thimphu, around 3pm, he visited the medical OPD at JDWNRH, complaining of bloaty abdomen (dyspeptic symptoms) and nausea. The patient suffers from chronic hypertension and is on medication. However, even at that time, he did not have any flu symptoms.

The patient and his partner stayed at Le Meridien on the first night. The following day, he stayed indoor most of the time and went to the hospital again around 3.30pm for stomach upset and diarrhoea.

The next day, he travelled to Punakha, with two stops on the way for tea and lunch. He had stayed at Densa Boutique Resort. That evening, he had walked until the Bazam next to Punakha Dzong, and returned to the room.

Yesterday, upon returning to Thimphu, he visited JDWNRH again. He was found to have fever, sore throat, cough and shortness of breath. He was kept under observation at the flu clinic (designated COVID-19 hospital) and samples were collected and sent to Royal Centre for Disease Control (RCDC).

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