Apple launch on September 12


It’s almost confirmed. There are so many reports now from Apple-specific tech blogs that the new iPhones will be launched this year on September 12 that it is impossible to ignore this date. And on top of that, just a few days we got the report from Bloomberg, which is almost always right about the unreleased Apple products, that new iPhones are coming in September.

So, if the new iPhones are coming, what is it that is coming with them. What the new iPhones will be called, will they be called the iPhone X (2018) and the iPhone X Plus? Or will their names be the iPhone 9 and the iPhone 9 Plus? More importantly how many iPhones Apple is launching this year?

The full and final answers to these questions will surely come only on the day Apple launches the new iPhones, but ahead of that rumours and reports so far do provide a fairly believable picture of the upcoming Apple phones. Here is what we know so far.

— Apple is expected to launch three iPhones in 2018. One of them will be the follow up of the iPhone X, the second one or the top-end model will be a bigger version of the iPhone X with a bigger screen, and lastly, there will be a “budget iPhone”. The iPhones of 2018 will not see a lot of changes as far as the design of the phones is concerned, note reports. They are expected to look a lot like the iPhone X, which Apple announced to celebrate the phone’s tenth-anniversary last year.


— All the three iPhones launching this year will borrow a lot of features from the iPhone X. For example, all the three iPhones will come with a notched display, Face ID support, and glass design. The direct successor to the iPhone X — also likely to be called the iPhone X this year — will come with a 5.8-inch OLED display. It will also have mostly the same features that users get in the iPhone X, apart from a more powerful processor.


— Talking of the processor, all three iPhones this year are likely to use A12 processor, which will be designed by Apple and manufactured by TSMC.


— The second iPhone or the most expensive model to launch this year will come with a 6.5-inch OLED display. Apple may call it the iPhone X Plus. Although, apart from the bigger screen, it is likely to share its features with the regular iPhone X.


— Then there are rumours of a third iPhone. This one will have 6.1-inch LCD display. This phone is creating a lot of buzz because it is supposed to have relatively “affordable price”. Analysts suggest that this 6.1-inch LCD display iPhone, which will look like the iPhone X, will be priced between $600 – $700 (roughly translates to around Rs 50,000) unlike the other two iPhones that may come with a price tag of Rs 70,000 or more.

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