Article 15: Protest in Bihar Over Ban on Screening


The Ayushman Khurana starrer film Article 15 has raised controversy as it is based on the Badaun rape case and showcases the systematic atrocities against Dalits and lower casters by the upper castes.

Following the controversy, protests had also been broken out at Mona Cinema hall in Patna, Bihar over the halting of screening of the film.

In the Badaun rape case, two teenage girls were gang-raped and murdered in the village in Uttar Pradesh and therefore the film has raised controversy which has shown the incidence.

Police also resorted to lathicharge to disperse the members of the Bhim Army during the protest and tried to restore normalcy in the venue.

The Bhim Army on Sunday forcibly entered the cinema hall demanding screening of Article 15 and to stop screening of Kabir Singh and Bharat. They also threatened the hall owners that if they won’t screen Article 15 then they will stop screening of other films too.

In Nagpur too, the Brahmin community protested outside a movie theatre by hitting posters of the films with footwear and they feel that the name of the film was not appropriate.

Moreover, during the special screening of the film on Thursday, Ayushman Khurana said, “Director Anubhav Sinha has issued a statement in which he has cleared that the movie is not against any community.”

Article 15 was released on June 28 but after the All Bihar Brahmin Federation has protested over the film, the halls stopped the screening of the film. The federation said that the film portrays Brahmin in a bad light.

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