Assam 2nd Worst Performer In Curbing Corruption: PAC Index


Assam is the second most poor-performing state in curbing corruption and accelerating growth, according to the Public Affairs Index-2020 (PAC) released by the Public Affairs Centre on Friday.

The PAC Index is conducted through empirical research on factors based on – growth, equity, and sustainability.

Assam ended at the bottom of the ‘control of corruption’ sub-category with a negative score of -0.817 points, while, the state scored -1.531 points in the ‘growth’ category. In both the categories, Assam ranked 17 out of the 18 large states taken into account for the study.


However, the state has been declared as the 14 best governed state in the country with a -0.494 overall ranking among the large states. Kerala was adjudged the best governed state in the country while Uttar Pradesh and Odisha ended at the bottom in the category.

Assam also ranked the lowest in terms of ‘government effectiveness’ under the category of ‘growth’ with a negative score of -1.531 points.

Meanwhile, Assam has done well in terms of ‘regulatory control’ and ‘government effectiveness’ under the category of ‘sustainability’. The state ranked seventh among the 18 large states.

Furthermore, the state ranked sixth in the ‘Equity’ category with a score of 0.133 points.

While, developing the composite index, themes such as control of corruption, voice, and accountability, government effectiveness, regulatory quality, and rule of law have been taken into account while measuring the sustainable development of states and union territories.

The Bengaluru-based not-for-profit organisation is led by former Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman K Kasturirangan.

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