Assam: 34,606 Children Between 0-18 Years Test COVID-19 Positive in 3 Months

COVID-19 has become a threat for the children in Assam as cases of the children being infected with the virus have been increasing at an alarming rate.

According to National Health Mission, Assam, 34,606 children between the age group of 0-18 years have been infected with the virus from April 1 to June 26. Further analysis showed that a total of 5755 cases belonged to less than 5 years and 28851 to 6 to 18 years age groups.

The COVID positive case among the above category varies from district to district.

• Kamrup Metro has the highest caseload; 5,346 children were found infected with COVID. This stands at 10.04% out of the total caseload of 53,251 of the district.

• Dibrugarh follows next with 2,430 COVID cases, which stands at 12.19% of children infected out of total 19,937 COVID cases.

• Nagaon is placed third with 2,288 COVID cases, which stands at 14.38% of children infected out of total 15,910 cases.

• Kamrup rural is placed fourth with 2,023 COVID cases, which stands at 11.75% of children infected out of total 17,216 cases.

• Sonitpur is at fifth with 1,839 COVID cases, which stands at 13.89% of children infected against the total of 13,239 COVID cases.

• Similarly, different districts have more or less numbers of COVID infected persons belonging to less than 18 years of age group.

From April 1 till June 26, 2021 the State has reported 34 deaths among the above category, many of them having co morbidities like Congenital Diseases (heart, kidney, rare malformations etc), especially among less than 5 years. During the ongoing Assam Community Surveillance Program Phase 3 (ACSP 3), many children staying with COVID positive parents/guardians who have opted for home isolation, were subsequently tested COVID positive.

Therefore the health department advised that parents/guardians who have tested COVID positive should preferably opt for Institutional Quarantine instead of Home Quarantine so that the spread of COVID-19 among children can be prevented.

Health Department is strictly following the guidelines issued by Government of India regarding Paediatric COVID management and has already initiated a slew of steps to address and manage COVID infection among the vulnerable age groups.

Establishment of COVID Paediatric ICUs in all Medical Colleges and District Hospitals are at advanced stage. More than 5,000 Health Care Workers including doctors, nurses and paramedical staff have already been trained and are dealing with the patients so that maximum lives could be saved. 108 ambulances have also been trained to transport such infected children with appropriate care, said health officials.

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