Assam artistes oppose Filmfare awards


Assam artistes on Tuesday slammed the State government for organising the Filmfare Awards 2020 in Guwahati. They said that the mega film award programme will be an insult to the continuous protest against the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Addressing the media in Guwahati, various artistes of the State, including Pulak Banerjee, Zerifa Wahid, Rabi Sharma, thrashed the government over hosting the award show.

“It is very unfortunate that the government is hosting an award show at a time when the entire state is protesting against a law,” said actor Rabi Sharma, adding, “We have not forgotten the five martyrs of the anti-CAA movement in the State.”

The artistes also termed ‘Filmfare’ as an outdated magazine and said that no other state governments have decided to sponsor the award ceremony; hence it ended up in Guwahati.

Actress Zerifa Wahid said that they have not opposed any national event, but they are opposing an event, which is entirely private corporate function. “Filmfare has nothing to do with the upliftment of Assamese culture, hence we are opposing the award ceremony at the time of the protest against the CAA,” Wahid said. She also slammed the State government for hosting an event that is sponsored by a Pan Masala company.

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