Assam Cabinet’s new decision on land, employees


The state cabinet of Assam Government held today for the first time after the formation of the BJP government in the Centre for the second term has decided to reduce the appointment age of Gaonburha to 25 years and that a person with two children won’t be appointed as a Gaonburha.

The Cabinet has also come up with good news for the government employees. It says that the employees will be promoted in due time through pay scale.

Another decision that has been made in the Cabinet is that the Satras will be made free from encroachment and that the government will amend the land policy.

The Cabinet has also decided to increase the salary of six autonomous council members. It has decided that the salary of Chief Executive Member (CEM) will be increased from 16000 to Rs. 45000 and the members will get 25000 from 5000.

The state government will also provide financial aid to the families of the martyrs of Assam of Rs. 20lakh. The government will also keep a close eye on the placement agencies.

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