Assam Govt. Penniless To save ‘Penny’

Rare coins during the regime of Chakradhvaja Simha (1663-1670 AD) –  – has been put up for auction by Gajalakshmi Associates Pvt. Ltd. few months back.

After all the discussions Assam Government sent a representative from Assam Bhavan to bid the antique coins. But, state government bid only one coin; which also they are not making the payments since 4 months now. Gajalakshmi Associates Private Limited – a firm which deals in auction of antique items – has initiated the auctioneering.

Tweeting the auction news, the firm has put up a picture of the silver rupee of 11.33 g, with a diameter of 23.12 mm, having Sanskrit legends on both sides, on its Twitter handle.

“Can anybody please help us? After being so co-operative with everyone this is how Assam Government treats us? We were hopeful that the Government will buy all the coins but they bid on only one coin which also they are not making the payments since 4 months now.” : Gajalakshmi Associates Pvt. Ltd. tweeted.

Chakradhvaja Simha ruled the Ahom kingdom from 1663 to 1670 AD. During the reign, he issued silver and gold coins in the denomination of mohur and rupee. These coins are octagonal and round shaped.

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