Assam has only two ‘Most Wanted’?


With the government at the Centre trying their level best to reduce the gap between the people and the police, yet seemingly Assam Police is paying a lesser heed to it.

The police who are responsible for the prevention and detection of crime, usually have a ‘most wanted’ list for the public to be aware of those who are a threat to the society at large, however, Assam Police has only two names in its list. Well, seriously Assam Police!

Perhaps, better late than never, the Assam Police headquarters has finally decided to notify the superintendents of police of all the districts to update the list.

Centre has disbursed crores of rupees in making the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System (CCTNS) public friendly. However, the CCTNS website, available in the homepage of the Home and Political Department (Assam Police),, displays names and pictures of only two most wanted. The names are Rafiq Khan and Rakesh Baraugh related to a case in Sualkuchi.

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