Assam Polls: 2 Injured In Violent Clash In Darrang


In a push to maintain law and order during the ongoing second phase of Assam Assembly elections, police fired blank rounds in the air when a mob had gotten involved in a violent clash in the Kalaigaon constituency in the Darrang district. As per reports, two persons sustained grave injuries in the clash.

A tense situation prevailed at around 6.30 pm after the polling was over and the officials were leaving with the EVMs after taking the signatures of the polling agents of candidates. However, it has been alleged that the signatures were taken of agents of two candidates while ignoring the others. Reportedly, this may have triggered the hostile situation.

The Deputy Commissioner of Darrang said that to control the mob the police resorted to lathi charge and later had to fire rubber bullets. The situation is under control, the deputy commissioner added.

Meanwhile, several reports have also mentioned the clash took place between supporters of BJP and AIUDF.

As per the latest figures of the election commission, Kalaigaon had a voter turnout of 80.87 per cent.

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