Assam Polls: PM Modi Slams Congress-AIUDF ‘Mahajot’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday attacked the Congress-AIUDF alliance saying that this is an election between the ‘mahajhooth’ of ‘mahajot’ and ‘mahavikas’ of the double engine.

Addressing a public rally at Kokrajhar, Modi stated, “Football is very popular among youth here. If I have to speak in their language, I would say that the people have yet again shown a Red Card to Congress and its Mahajot. People of Assam trust NDA for development, peace and security of the state.”

Campaigning for three UPPL candidates who will contest in the third phase of the Assam Assembly elections, Modi expressed confidence in the party’s victory and said that people trust the NDA for development and peace.

The Prime Minister also expressed confidence of forming the government in the state adding that people have already stamped the victory in the first phase of polling.

PM Modi further attacked the Congress party saying that it had pushed Kokrajhar into violence.

“Congress has handed over its ‘hand’ and fortune to leaders of that party which had pushed Kokrajhar into violence. Congress is dreaming of coming to power in Assam with the help of those people whom it had saved for its vote bank,” he said.

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