Assam rejects CAB, votes for BJP


Assam has rejected the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) narrative built by the intellectuals and so-called Jaitya Sangthanas by overwhelmingly voted in favour of the BJP led alliance.

All efforts of intellectuals and partisan media fell flat, as BJP’s micromanagement won the day as they are in a position to win at least nine-seat if not 10.

“The calls of Hiren Gohain and Akhil Gogoi have been completely rejected. People know they are always talking nonsense and that was why so much of faith for BJP. Moreover, way we have got votes in Koliabor and Barpeta clearly showed that even Muslims have voted for us” said the BJP spokesman Rupam Goswami.

The Assam’s result was a big tight slap for the so-called “Jatiya Sangthanas” as their grip over Assam’s civil society was completely demolished.

“They are irrelevant now” said BJP leader Jagadish Bhuyan.

However, Paresh Malakar of the Assam Civil Society thinks that dissent has a bigger role now “Perhaps we were too comfortable with the help of the Partisan media and hence could not understand the ground situation. We must work on the ground” said Mr Malakar.

The social media was also verity critical of the Intellectuals and Assam’s vernacular media for being largely against anti-BJP.

“They have realized now on whose side the people of Assam are” said Mr. Prabahan Borpujai in jis post in the twitter.

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