ASSAM: Story of a ‘missing’ govt. jeep


A government jeep that disappeared in the year 2008 has still not been found, but the story of the missing vehicle has just come to light more than a month into the search.

The incident has been reported from Golaghat district health department in Assam. The jeep (AS-01B-2076) was reported missing after it was last seen at a motor-garage in 2008. However, the department is yet to file an FIR to probe into the matter.

Meanwhile, sources said that “The jeep that was reported missing from the garage wasn’t really stolen. There is a possibility that someone has sold the jeep”.

This astounding story has come into light following a departmental auction order of used vehicles in the department.

As per official data, a total of ten vehicles are operational in the department, but the jeep has been missing since 2008. An RTI activist of the district also sought the details of the missing jeep but the department had allegedly failed to provide any data in regards to the case.

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