Assam to bring back ‘Vrindabani Vastra’ soon!


The State government has taken up sincere efforts to bring the ‘Vrindavani Vastra’ back to Assam from Britain and Paris where it is being presently preserved in the museums.

Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal said that the State Cultural Affairs department has already made all necessary studies on the issue and has prepared a roadmap to arrange for display of the sacred drape in Assam.

Sonowal on Sunday took part in the landmark initiative of the Dakhinpat Satra in Majuli to reproduce the sacred ‘Vrindavani Vastra’ and spun yarn to be used at the production of the drape by weavers at the Satra.

Sonowal appreciated the initiative of the Dakhinpat Satra to reproduce the sacred drape. He said that the step taken by the Satra would facilitate the younger generation to understand the invaluable contribution and legacy of Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardev and introduce them with the unique weaving skill of the Assamese weavers.

In a bid to preserve the valuable artifacts available at the Satra, Sonowal laid the foundation stone for construction of a museum at the Satra. The initiative has been taken by the Cultural Affairs Department.

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