Assam to Implement 112 Service Soon


Assam will soon have 112 which is called as Emergency Response Support System (ERSS). All the emergency services like 100, 101, 1091 will be replaced by 112.

112 service is like the 911 number service which is available in America. The service of 100, 101, 1091, 181 will be available in 112.

The Uttar Pradesh government has already started the service which is a single helpline number of all immediate assistance including police, fire, women helpline, and ambulance.

The emergency service will be implemented in all the states soon and it will also be known as 112 INDIA. One can download the app and register their mobile number for the service which could be easily used in any situation.

The decision to launch 112 services was taken after the Nirvaya incident held in 2012.

The helpline number will include police, health service, fire service, childline etc.  

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