Assam’s Karabi Gogoi Selected as a Defence attaché Abroad


Assam Girl, Lt. Commander (equivalent to an Army Major) Karabi Gogoi, a naval engineer currently posted at the Karwar base in coastal Karnataka has been selected for the post of the assistant naval attaché also at the Indian embassy in Russia who is the first woman officer selected by Navy.

Gogoi is the first woman officer selected for the post of a defence attaché abroad by the Navy, which comes a month after the IAF posted Wing Commander Anjali Singh as the deputy air attaché at the Indian embassy in Moscow.

According to sources, Lt. Commander Gogoi will finish her Russian language course this month. She is likely to take over the new post in Moscow in December after requisite approvals.

The appointments of Wing Commander Singh and Lt-Commander Gogoi are the first time that woman officers have been selected for defence diplomacy in the male-dominated environs of the armed forces. If the former as an aeronautical engineer specializes in handling fighter jets, the latter has experience in warship construction and maintenance.

Gogoi, a Guwahati grown-up girl was commissioned into the Navy in 2010. Her husband, Lt. Commander Pranjal Handique, is also a gunnery officer in the Navy. She was selected over other candidates for the diplomatic assignment after an interview conducted by a board of senior naval officers.

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