Assam’s Rangapara Railway Station gets an unusual commuter on Saturday night


Rangapara Railway Station in Sonitpur district had an unusual visitor on Saturday who did not board any trains, but became quite the spectacle for the commuters.

An elephant wandered into the railway station at Rangapara on Saturday night and spent some time pacing across the station, exploring without much hullabaloo, much to the amusement of other travellers and visitors.

The commuters, initially perplexed, pointed flashlights at the animal out of curiosity. The elephant, least bothered by the surrounding humans, moire than an hour on the platform and on the tracks, pacing the stretch more peacefully than the commuters without disturbing the few passengers that were waiting on the platforms.

Fortunately, no train traffic was reported on the tracks where the tourist elephant was having a fun time. The elephant, which walked alongside the stationed trains on the tracks and under the footbridges, left after a short time, leaving the commuters bemused about the entire situation.

The incident was the first of its kind in the state, where the humans and the giant jumbo showed an equal level of quiet and harmony. However, the entire ordeal invites a conversation about the destruction of elephant habitat, which results in the friendly giants invading human settlements.

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