“Atul Bora As AGP President Invalid” – Court

In a setback to AGP, the Civil Court of Guwahati today held that the Kendriya Sadharan Parishad Meeting of AGP dated 27.08.2020 was in violation of the injunction order dated 26.08.2020, whereby the Court had put a stay order on the scheduled meeting.

It also said that all the resolutions passed in the meeting, including the re-election of Atul Bora as the party president, shouldn’t be given effect.  

In the judgement, the Court said that the party decided to go ahead with the meeting despite receiving the stay order via Whats App on 26.08.2020.  It added that the meeting violates the clause 26 of the constitution of AGP and the notification issued by the state government through State Disaster Management Department.

It also highlighted the fact that AGP went ahead with conducting the meeting in complete disregard of the court’s order despite having information of it through newspapers and news channels of Assam.  

Apart from that, the Civil Court also underscored the fact that the meeting was in violation of the safety protocols laid down due to COVID-19, and that it was completed within 45 minutes.

The Court also issued summon to the violators which also includes President Sri Atul Bora, Vice President Sri Keshab Mahanta, Sri Phani Bhushan Choudhury.

It must be noted that earlier, based on a petition filed by Girin Talukdar, Jiten Deka and Hemen Lahkar, the Civil Court had passed a restraining order for the meeting. It had then said, “The meeting is out and out illegal as it is against the constitution of AGP as well as against the COVID protocol.”  

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