Baghjan: OIL Sets Up Water Pump to Douse the Flame


Oil India Limited (OIL) and ONGC have started an operation to douse the flame of Baghjan well by pumping out water. The OIL and ONGC have set up pumps to spray water to douse the flame.

The water has been stored in an artificial pond dug for the purpose of storing water which would be used during the operation. The water has been preserved from the Dangori River.

The Oil authorities said that the cursed oil well in Baghjan would be sealed once the flame is doused.

The flame will be doused with the help of Blow out preventer (BOP).

According to an official of OIL, debris removal operation has also been resumed after a slight improvement in the weather condition. The official informed that a total of 10 loads of debris have removed from the well plinth to debris laydown.

However, the flood and incessant rain have affected the ongoing work at Baghjan 5 OIL well site.

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