Batadrava celebrates 360-year-old festival, promoting cloth bag


Buddha Purnima, the biggest religious festival of the Buddhist community, was celebrated on Saturday, across the country with due religious fervour, and festivity.

Like elsewhere in the world, the Assamese community in Batadrava chalked out different programmes, including Paal Naam, Ghosha Path, Taal Kubuwa, Aai Naam, Vaishnavite discussions, and cultural functions, to mark the holy day.

On the occasion of the celebration, organisers started a drive against the polythene bags. As alternative option, they produced Cloth bags and urged people to use the cotton tote bags handy.

“Cloth and paper bags are the alternative options, and we have been promoting the same” : Organisers’ body said.

The Vaishnavite festival has been celebrated in Naruwa Satra for 360 years.

The festival has reaches new heights at Batadrava, the birth place of Srimanta Sankaradeva, where people from all walks of life, irrespective of caste, creed and religion, always take part.

Lord Buddha was born on this day of full moon in 563 BC, attained enlightenment, and passed away on the same day.

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