Bengal: Complaint Against BJP Leader For ‘Covid Hug’ Threat To CM


A police complaint has been registered against BJP’s new National Secretary of West Bengal Anupam Hazra for saying he would hug Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee if contracts the Covid-19 virus.

Trinamool Congress’s Refugee Cell has filed the complaint this morning at Siliguri police station for making derogatory remarks against a woman and head of state. It seeks action against Anupam Hazra for maligning a public figure, who is a woman, in violation of the Constitution and hurting the sentiments of the complainants.

Hazra on Sunday was quoted saying “If someday I am found Covid positive I will go to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and hug her. She will understand the pain of those who have suffered the disease and have lost their near and dear ones during the pandemic.”

The comment comes a day after Hazra was appointed national secretary by the BJP.

West Bengal, which has more than 2.4 lakh coronavirus cases with 4,721 deaths, was among the five states which reported the highest deaths in the past 24 hours with 60 fatalities.

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