Bhutan Aims to Make its Employees’ Highest Paid


In order to make the highest paid civil servants in the country, Bhutan has decided to hike the salaries of teachers, doctors, nurses and medical staff.

The decision was taken in the Cabinet held on June 5. The number of teachers to be included in the salary hike is estimated to be around 8679 and for medical staff it is assumed to be 4000.

It has been informed by Bhutan health minister Lyonpo Dechen Wangmo that education and healthcare are two social sectors which needed a lot of investment.

The decision has been made by the government to give the workers the desired benefits as workers involved in the medical and education sector are said to be in high stress level and work for longer hours and these people are being deprived of getting their desired benefits and perks.

According to reports, many teachers of the country have left the teaching profession as they don’t get the desired perks in accordance with their hard work. It is not only the professionals from the education sector but also from the health sector that they are opting to quit their jobs as they don’t get the minimum wages.

The Bhutan Government, in order to recognize the efforts of the teaching and healthcare professionals has decided to hike their salaries and attract the youths of the country to get engaged in these two professions in large numbers in the coming years.

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