BJP ensures revival of ULFA!

As  an arrogant BJP marches on, sidelining everyone coming in the way in Assam, it has revived Assamese sub nationalism again rekindling the dying lamps of the ULFA.

This can be gauged not only from the increasing number of youths going to the Jungles but also with the sales of those books which have sub nationalism flavour as they are being picked up by the youth of Assam.

The Guwahati Book Fair has seen huge sales of such books as anti- BJP feeling is spilled over to the books propgating the cause of the Assamese sub nationalism, forcing even a miniscule section to the jungles, much to the glee of the ULFA commander in chief Paresh Barua, who was struggling to remain afloat for the past few years.

Any books related to ULFA and Assamese sub nationalism is a hot cake in the book fair, said Mr Dhirj Goswami. This has triggered concern amongst the intelligence agencies of Assam. The SIB of the MHA put the figure in 120 while Assam police’s SB put it in about 10. But even asthe MHA is concerned over Assam going ULFA way,  the BJP remains unperturbed bulldozing their agenda of making one India.

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