BJP Expresses Dissatisfaction Over NRC


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) expressed dissatisfaction over National Register of Citizens’ (NRC) published today saying that they are not happy with the number of excluded people as former Chief Minister Hiteswar Saikia said in 1999 itself that there were 30 lakh foreigners’ in Assam.

The BJP demanded that the left out names of genuine Indian should be included in the NRC even by implementing Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB).

Addressing a press conference after the publication of final NRC, BJP President Ranjit Dass said that even Prakash Jaiswal also said in the Rajya Sabha that 50 lakh foreigners’ were residing in the state. He stated that when Saikia and Jaiswal have mentioned about the huge number of foreigners’ that were living at that time then how come the numbers become so less from the exclusion list of NRC.

Dass further stated that the Indians are not safe with this NRC. “We have received names of genuine Indian citizens which have not been included in the NRC. We have also filed a petition seeking five additional documents to be submitted but the NRC Coordinator Prateek Hajela has said that it is not necessary to accept these additional documents,” said Dass.

He further reiterated that the Biswas, Sarkar title holder have to face problem as the refugee certificate, migration certificate have not been accepted by Hajela.

The BJP President also alleged that it is through fake certificates that many foreigners’ name has been included in the NRC. The foreigners’ name has been included as no counter-verification has been done.

The BJP further demanded a national level NRC as many people holding title of Saha, Jain, Agarwala etc. have been left out intentionally.  It further alleged that Hajela has lied regarding the re-verification saying that they don’t believe that 27% re-verification has been done.

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