BJP observes black day to mark 43rd anniversary of 1975 Emergency


Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) on Tuesday observed ‘Black Day’ throughout the country on the 43rd anniversary of the emergency imposed by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on June 26, 1975.

BJP President Amit Shah on lashed out at Congress for imposing the emergency In series of tweets, Shah said “In 1975, on this day, democracy was murdered by the Congress party merely to remain in power. BJP is observing Emergency anniversary as ‘Black Day’

To mark the day, senior party leader Ravishankar Prasad held a press conference at the party headquarters. He said that press, parliament and judiciary were badly trampled during emergency.

PM Modi tweeted: “I salute the courage of all those great women and men who steadfastly resisted the Emergency, which was imposed 43 years ago. Their struggles ensured people power prevailed over authoritarianism and the stifling of civil liberties”.

In another tweet, Modi said “India remembers the Emergency as a dark period during which every institution was subverted and an atmosphere of fear was created. Not only people but also ideas and artistic freedom was held hostage to power politics”.

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