BJP’s brazen ‘Bihu gift’ to Assam


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in a brazen display of insensitivity towards the Assamese people on the eve of their beloved Magh Bihu notified the Citizenship Amendment act last night sending the signal that sentiment of Assamese people would never have cared.

As behind the scene, activities were in full swing to get the Clause VI committee recommendation by Bihu (January 15), the Union Home Minister Amit Shah did not care for that and refused to wait any longer and notified the CAA on Friday late night.

This was not taken kindly. “See the attitude of the BJP. They do not have that sensitivity also. The whole of people of Assam are up in arms and they were so arrogant” said Dr Samujjal Kr Bhattacharyya, AASU adviser vowing to fight it out in the court.

However, the Supreme Court Senior Lawyers Upamanyu Hazarika cautioned that much should not be read of January 22 hearing of the CAA at the Supreme Court as the matter would take much longer time and it would be unlikely to get a stay order on that day.

“Generally, a Parliament driven law does not get stayed in the court of law. It will take a much longer time. The IMDT was scarped after 7-8 years of argument in the court” he said.

But what hurt the sentiments of Assamese people was the complete insensitiveness of the Union ministry and the Minister Himself. Mr. Shah is reportedly very angry that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to cancel a scheduled visit to Assam twice within a month, something not seen very often in Independent India.

The former BJP vice president and top bureaucrat C K Das also decried the Centre’s move of notifying the CAA just on the eve of Bihu. “This once again signified how much these people do care about the people of Assam”.

However, the BJP did not think that they were brazen and arrogant. “The early notification was good and necessary to publish the rules as they feel that detailed publication of rules would quell the heat in Assam as it would clarify many misgivings about the CAA and its actual effect in Assam. People are spreading rumours and canards about the CAA, and the rules would clear everything” said the BJP spokesperson Rupam Goswami.

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