CAA protest Assam gets SC nod


The anti CAA protest of Assam got an all-important indirect nod from the Supreme Court as the Court today agreed to hear the petition from Assam and Tripura separately.

This is considered a major victory as more than 100 petitions were filed against the CAA and most of them on the two main broad areas of Constitutional Competency and Fundamental right.

But Assam and Tripura based petitions were trying to highlight the region’s case separately. The Supreme Court clubbed together all pleas concerning the states of Assam and Tripura together as both these states have separate agreements with the Centre regarding the preservation of native people. Senior advocate Kapil Sibal has been asked by the court to assist in segregating these pleas.

Senior Advocate Vikas Singh argued for Assam case to be heard separately and Attorney General K K Venugopal also agreed to the suggestion.
For Assam, there has already been a set date of 25 march 1971 whether the CAA has given a new cut off date of 2014 and hence the segregation was ordered.

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