CAB, ULFA Accord, Clause VI Coming home together


Assam is heading for the tumultuous end of 2019 as the BJP is bringing home three different processes simultaneously in a strategic way with lot of careful planning to keep Assam within its grip.

The three processes are CAB, ULFA peace talk and reservation for Indigenous through Clause VI committee. All of them were being handled by the Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) and Intelligence agencies are working behind the curtain to bring it all back to back.

The sources privy to the development informed as the CAB is being marshalled, the BJP will put the balm through a quick accord with the ULFA giving into major demands like Assam Floods being declared as a national problem, reservation to six tribal communities besides the list of the tribes which to be declared indigenous.

On the other hand, the Clause VI committee, which was also asked to find out the definition of indigenous, would eventually decide the quantum of seats to be reserved in the Assam Assembly. As some of the works of Clause VI committee and the ULFA negotiation were similar, the intelligence agencies were very careful to sidestep each other without bringing both into any confrontation.

The idea is to deflate the anti-BJP sentiment following the CAB with the solution to the long-standing demand.

The ULFA talk is in the final shape and government can actually target the Magh Bihu day of January 13 for the same as Bihu gift.  The negotiating team was close to an agreement as all the issues had been resolved.

As the intensity against CAB is growing all over Assam and media in Assam is completely against it, the next few weeks would be extremely crucial as Assam is going to see the resolution to a few long-standing demands.

The BJP is hopeful that by accepting the demand, the anti CAB feeling could be negated to a great extent. Meanwhile, the RSS led volunteers have gone to the village level to see that anti CAB feeling do not take a mass agitation shape.

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