Assam Assembly Speaker attacks CAB


Assam Assembly Speaker Hitendra nath Goswami made veiled attack on the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) and through a statement he made it clear that it did hurt him personally.

The speaker of Assam Assembly in a press release has hinted on opposing the Bill saying, “The Citizenship Amendment Bill has personally hurt me”.

Expressing concerns over the Centre’s decision to pass the Bill at the Lok Sabha, Goswami said, “Without taking the opinions of the people of the state in account, passing the Citizenship Amendment Bill was done hastily.  This is a big development and cracks could be seen within the BJP.

The speaker speaking on the turmoil Assam is going through has urged the government to take measures to mitigate the situation in the state.

His statements is going to have major repercussions in the political circle and bound to shake up the BJP party as many of the party are deeply hurt and divided over the Bill and way it has been bullied over the sentiments of the Assamese people.

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