Cabinet Clears CAB: Oppositions Reaction


After the Union Cabinet cleared Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) on Wednesday, political leaders from Assam criticized the government saying that they won’t accept the bill at any condition.

Here are the reactions of the Opposition Leaders:

Prafulla Kumar Mahanta: We have been opposing CAB for long and will oppose it until the government scraps the bill which will destroy the socio-cultural heritage of the people of the state.

Reacting on Atul Bora’s comment on supporting CAB, Mahanta said, “Supporting CAB is Atul Bora’s personal decision, not the party’s decision.” He said that when Atul Bora and Keshab Mahanta were not in any position, they always come to my house in the evening seeking position. I then gave them the responsibility of the President and Working President and they should think about it.

After they returned from the meeting, they should have discussed it with the party but they didn’t, said Mahanta.

The step of AASU and AJYCP is appreciable as their stand on CAB is still the same.

Tarun Gogoi: The meeting with Amit Shah is a sheer drama. The home minister held a meeting with AASU, AJYCP till late night on Tuesday and today the union cabinet passed the bill. Is this not a drama, asked Gogoi. They are determined to bring CAB in the state. The people of Assam have made a blunder by believing in BJP.

Speaking about chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal, Gogoi said that he is very weak as a chief minister. I don’t think him as a CM.  

Reacting on AGP, Gogoi said that the division of the party is obvious. The people who participated in the Assam movement can’t accept CAB. There will be a new party under the leadership of Prafulla Kumar Mahanta and that will be the genuine regional party.

I urged that there should be a mass vote against CAB, said Gogoi.

Samujjal Bhattacharyya: We won’t accept CAB in any circumstances and we made it clear in the meeting itself with the home minister on Tuesday night. The Centre can’t betray the people of Assam by saying that they will implement Clause VI to safeguard the indigenous people of the state.

Akhil Gogoi: CAB is not for Assam, not for Northeast and we will not accept CAB. They betrayed the people of Assam by organizing the meeting with different political and non-political organizations. I urge the people of the state and all the organizations to come forward and join in the mass agitation against CAB to be held on December 5.

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