Cancer Institute leads first stereotactic radiosurgery


In a significant development in cancer care, Guwahati city’s Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute has started stereotactic radiosurgery for the first time in North East India.

The institute cited a successful case of a stereotactic radio surgery wherein a 56 year old female patient of primary lung cancer with a single brain metastases measuring 2.2 x 2 cm in right parietal lobe of the brain was treated with whole brain radiotherapy followed by very high dose of radiotherapy in a single fraction which is known as stereotactic radio surgery.

The advantage of the treatment is that being a non-invasive procedure reduces the hazards of open surgery and requires shorter treatment time. This Linear Accelerator based frameless radiosurgery treatment is more convenient for the patient. It is also associated with a high rate of tumor control, an official release stated. 

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