Cast vote through postal ballots: ECI to Kuki militants

The Election Commission of India (ECI) through the Office of Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) has notified that cadres of Kuki militant groups who are observing Suspension of Operations (SoO) with both the Centre and State, currently residing in designated camps and “whose name are enrolled in the Electoral rolls” in their respective Assembly Constituency “as class of voters entitled to vote by postal ballots.”

In an official statement, issued on Monday, the ECI notified that to implement the postal ballot facility, Assistant Nodal Officers/Nodal officers will be responsible for providing necessary forms as well as collect “the sealed envelopes containing postal ballots” and ensure the marked postal ballots “reach the Returning Officer prior to the commencement of counting votes.”

Kuki militants are classified into conglomeration of two apex groups, namely, Kuki National Organisation and United People’s Front.

The militant groups demanding creation of a separate Kuki State, to be carved out of Manipur, had signed the SoO pact back in August 2008 during Congress rules.

There are at least five designated camps housing several Kuki militants in the hills of the border state, reliable sources informed.

Polls of Manipur Outer Parliamentary Seat is scheduled on April 11.

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