Cattle Syndicate Rising Unabated in Assam


The cattle syndicate in Assam has taken a dangerous turn as one case of cow smuggling is reported every day and although the police launches operation against it still the smugglers managed to smuggle the cows to the neighbouring areas.

The Simaltapu police have seized 16 buffaloes and 61 cows from Srirampur in the early hours of Wednesday. Police also seized two trucks bearing numbers AS 01 LC2683 and BR 06 GA 7297 respectively.

Police informed that they have seized the truck while it was on its way to Darrang coming from Bihar. Police also apprehended several persons.

On the other hand, locals of Kaliabor seized 21 numbers of cows while it was being taken through the middle of the village. The locals then handed over the cows to the police.

Police later apprehended three persons during an operation launched by Kaliabor police.

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