Celebrities face slash in followers as Twitter eliminates fake accounts


Following Twitter’s new policy of removing suspicious and inactive accounts, most followed celebrities have faced a significant drop in their follower counts at the micro-blogging website.

Katy Perry, the most followed celebrity on the site, lost about 1.5 million followers, leaving her with 107 million followers. Justin Beiber lost about 2 million followers, and his current count stands at 104 million strong. Meanwhile pop sensation Taylor Swift lost 2 million followers, with her current count at 83.2 million.

Prominent politicians too had to face the onslaught. Barack Obama lost over 2 million followers, the numbers going from 103.63 million to 101 million, while Donald Trump lost 340,000 followers, taking him from 53.4 million to 53.1 million followers.

However, it was Twitter’s own account that took the hardest hit, when its follower count dropped from 62.83 million to 55.1 million in a day.

A 6% drop in the total follower count is anticipated by Twitter on the platform.

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