China given Paresh Barua’s location


The government of India has given the location of ULFA commander in chief Paresh Barua’s location asking for his arrest or complete elimination.

This was officially confirmed by several security agencies as both China and India are the same page about eliminating global terrorism and Paresh Barua was considered a major terrorist.

The Government of India has upped the ante and had decided to hit the terrorists wherever they were even if they are in a foreign country if they have harmed the interest of its people.

It is expected that before the general poll, Government security agencies may like to take out Paresh Barua who has been lying low since January.

He did speak to this correspondent about a fortnight back and discussed the likely challenges. Paresh Barua is hiding in Wa State, which is northeast of Myanmar and close to China’s Kunming province.

Wa State is an unrecognized State of Myanmar (Burma) that is currently subsumed under the official Wa Special Region 2 of northern Shan State. The region is mainly mountainous, with deep valleys. The lowest points are approximately 600 metres above sea level, with the highest mountains over 3000 metres.

Wa State is divided into northern and southern regions which are separated from one another, with the 13,000 km2 (5,000 sq mi) southern region bordering Thailand and consisting of 200,000 people.The total area of the region controlled by the Wa State is 17,000 km2 (6,600 sq mi).

Political leaders of the Wa State are mostly ethnic Wa people. The government of the Wa State emulates many political features of the government of China, having a Central Committee and a central party known as the United Wa State Party. Whilst the Wa State is de facto highly autonomous from the control of the central Myanmar government, their relationship is based on peaceful coexistence and the Wa State recognises the sovereignty of the central government over all of Myanmar.


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