CID Seizes Coal Laden Truck in Khanapara


In an operation launched by CID against coal truck, a coal-laden truck has been seized at Khanapara on Tuesday night.

The coal-laden truck bearing registration number AS01-JC-9077 has been seized while it was on its way to Bihar via Assam from Meghalaya.

The CID launched its operation for two hours and seized the truck.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI), Assam unit slammed Chief Minister over coal syndicate that has been continued in the state for a long time.

The NSUI alleged that there are more than 200 trucks that are in queue to enter Assam but they will not let that happen.

The NSUI also alleged that CM Sonowal has a direct link with the coal syndicate.

The members of NSUI further alleged Silchar BJP chief Kaushik Rai to be the kingpin of coal syndicate in the State. “Rai and his men collect around Rs. 60,000 from each of the truck,” they alleged.

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