CM Sonowal to head new State Climate Change Management Society


The Assam Cabinet on Saturday took unanimous decision to constitute Assam Climate Change Management Society (ACCMS) in order to address various issues related with climate changes and environmental issues.

“Assam chief minister will be chairman of the Assam Climate Change Management Society and ministers of all concerned departments will be members of the society”, said Assam Parliamentary Affairs minister Chandra Mohan Patowary.

The Cabinet also decided to constitute Biotechnology Council, which too would be headed by the chief minister.
Patowary said that Assam government is committed to tackle climate change, which is very crucial for the state’s overall development.

Climate change is the greatest global challenge facing us today which through a multitude of impacts poses a risk to our ecology, economy and society. Observation shows that changes being experienced in the climate of Assam are over and above the natural climate variability prevailing in the region.

To address the changing climatic conditions State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) was developed by the previous state government and a special purpose vehicle – the Assam Climate Change Management Society was created to facilitate the implementation of the SAPCC but the whole affairs was defunct since early 2016.

Assam Cabinet’s decision to newly constitute the ACCMS was hailed by all environmental bodies in the state.

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