Committee misbehaves with Neel Akash during a show at Changsari


Singing sensation Neel Akash had to face trouble during a show at Changsari on Thursday night. According to reports, the organizing committee of the event had misbehaved with the singer.

Akash has alleged that the committee had refused to pay the agreed amount with which he was invited to the event. The committee not only refused the amount but damaged the musical instruments the singer had brought along with him.

Later Changsari police releases him from a confined state. As per reports, the person who signed the contract with the singer introduced himself as the manager of the committee, Akash has alleged that person of being a broker.

In the contract, the amount signed for was 3 lakhs 40 thousand of which he was paid only 65 thousand rupees as advance. However, Akash returned the amount to the people saying, “We performed for the people tonight for free and not for the committee”. Even after this act of the singer, members of the committee destroyed his instruments.

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