Cotton Hostel turned quarantine centre


The hostel of Cotton University has been ordered to turn into a quarantine centre and the authorities have asked the students to vacate the hostel within 24 hours.

This has created panic amongst the students who are in their respective home due to lockdown. The students are baffled how they will come to Guwahati and take away the belonging within a day when normal transportation is not there and hiring the vehicle will cost a lot of money,.

On the other hand, the authorities are also hard-pressed as the existing quarantine facilities of Guwahati are being filled up and new arrivals are going to stay in educational institute hostels.

Accordingly, most of the hostels of the educational institutions have been requisitioned as the state government decided strict quarantine policy for anyone coming to Assam from outside the state.

Guwahati will eventually have 70-80 quarantine centres as all hotel rooms have been filled up with the arrival of new passengers from outside the state.

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