Country to have a medical college in every district


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that his government wants to set up a medical college and hospital and  in every district of the country and  1.5 lakh wellness centre’s under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme . The Prime Minister said, these wellness centre’s will cover  six lakh villages of the country. One centre will be built every 10 to 12 km so that the rural population can have access to healthcare.

On Thursday ,  Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting after inaugurating a 300-bed Gujarat Medical and Education Research Society Hospital at Junagadh in Gujarat.

The Prime Minister  said the flagship Ayushman Bharat scheme  that would envisage a medical insurance of Rs five lakh to 10 crore families will give a boost to private sector investment in health care sector in rural areas.

More than one lakh 15 thousand  houses were handed over to thebeneficiaries  built under Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana  from Jujwa village of Valsad district in Gujarat  through video conference.

Speaking about punishing the culprits of rape cases immediately, the Prime Minister called upon  forensic experts to help the judiciary by using DNA profiling.

Forensic science, police and judiciary are three important pillars to ensure criminal justice delivery system, so that citizens feel safe – said Narendra Modi.

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