Couple sells twins for Rs. 10 lakhs


In a shocking incident in the State, a couple sold their newborn twins in Goalpara. The incident came to light after an initiative by the Social Welfare Department.

According to reports, the couple identified as Kushal Talukdar and Rupa Talukdar allegedly sold their twins for Rs. 10 lakhs each. Rupa gave birth to twins on June 19 and they sold both the babies to two different couples in Goalpara and Guwahati.

The Guwahati couple, who bought one of the twins, said that they have paid Rs. 10 lakhs to the Talukdar couple. Reportedly, the Talukdar couple had covered the pregnancy by lying to their family members that tumours have developed inside Rupa’s abdomen.

Meanwhile, the Police initiated an investigation to arrest the couple. The couple is currently absconding.

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