COVID-19: Maharashtra Tops the Tally with More than 40K Cases


The state of Maharashtra has registered the highest number of coronavirus cases with more than 40,000 confirmed cases which is nearly 35 percent of the total cases in India. However, the COVID-19 cases in India continued to rise at a very high rate as the tally reached beyond 1.12 lakh.

In its most recent update, the Union health ministry placed the total number of cases at 1,12,359 and the death toll at 3,435. The ministry said that 45,300 people have so far recovered from the infection.

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, has over 25,000 cases of coronavirus. The city has registered nearly 900 deaths alone.

However, the Centre has claimed that India has it under control. The Union health ministry has said that India’s mortality rate from the virus is half than that of the world. The ICMR has also claimed that the testing, as well as health care facilities, have been significantly ramped up in India.

Despite the preparedness, there remains a danger of a fresh spike in cases due to Cyclone Amphan, which forced over 7 lakh people to abandon their homes and seek shelter in relief camps.

Meanwhile, the civil aviation ministry has announced the SOP for airlines, setting fresh rules for passengers and capping prices of air routes.

According to the union health ministry, the death toll due to COVID-19 rose to 3,435 and the number of cases to 1,12,359 in the country by Thursday morning. In the last 24 hours since Wednesday morning, an increase of 132 deaths and 5,609 cases was registered, according to the Union Health Ministry.

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