‘COVID19 vaccine’ searched highest by Indians: Google


Google reported COVID 19 vaccines related searches by Indians increased by over 190 percent in May.

The report stated that coronavirus dropped to the twelfth most searched topic overall during May, behind topics like film, meaning, news, and weather. The top trending search term was “Lockdown 4.0”, which over 3,150 percent, while “Eid Mubarak” was the second top trending term with the rise of 2,650 percent.

The states with the highest search results were Goa, Meghalaya, and Chandigarh.

Google revealed that recipe-related searches hit a new record high in India. While ‘dalgona coffee recipe at home’ had seen a search of 5,000 percent, searches for ‘chicken momo recipe’ grew 4,350 percent and searches for “mango icecream recipe” saw a 3,250 percent rise.

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