Credibility Of Assam Police In Question?

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Assam police, in recent times, has been witnessing quite a ripple. Despite a well-crafted Constitution and an elaborate-looking judicial system, ground-level realities have proven consistently depressing on this count.

The recent SI exam scam that made headlines in the state with top level officials from Assam police being arrested in the case raises strong questions on the credibility of their work ethics.

In yet another shocker from Assam’s Dergaon, a female police officer was allegedly raped by a high level police personnel at a police training center on Wednesday bringing strong contrast on the issue of rape and violence against woman. The incident further brings a dent on the reputation of Assam police.

The surge in violent crimes in Assam during the last three years has turned the heat on the government’s claims on law and order situation in the state.

National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), agency responsible for collecting and analysing crime data, has reported a yearly increase in the rate of crime against woman in Assam.

Compared to 2018, the rate of crime against women in India has risen by 7.3%, with the country recording an average of 87 rape cases every day in 2019.

As per 2019 NCRB figures, the state of Assam has topped the chart for rate of crime against women for third consecutive year. The picture could be far worse as most such crimes go unreported in the country.

Rape being the most obnoxious form of violence against women stems from a patriarchal and feudal mindset. India has also been dubbed “the most dangerous country for women” by many human rights activists.

The moot question hence remains – why has this trend of rape and gangrape been on the rise and why is India in general so prone to gender-based crimes?

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