Cross-continental network saves an Assamese from going to UAE jail


A dishonest act by an aide has almost put a young entrepreneur of Assam into the jail of the UAE, had he not been rescued at the last minute by a cross-continental network of friend and wellwishers, mostly from Assam and some generous financial support by Assam based industrialists of Dubai.

This is a story of a young entrepreneur Samudrajit Gohain who ventured into financial service and his trusted aide presented a cheque to the vendor which got bounced and that landed Mr Gohain into trouble due to very tough law of the UAE.

Using social media and internet, a rescue attempt was launched from Assam using a vast network of people scattered around the world involving Assamese diplomats, lawyers, well-wishers and eventually the Assamese industrialist of Dubai to bail him out paying the hefty fine without causing major embarrassment.

What happens if your cheque bounces in UAE?

When the receiver of a cheque (which bounced) files the initial complaint in the police station against the issuer, the case is forwarded to the public prosecution and then to the criminal court. The criminal court may convict the issuer (based on evidence provided by the complainant) and give him two options – pay the money or go to jail.

However, in case of failure to get cheque amount despite imprisonment, the complainant should present his or her case to the civil court next, to claim the money, along with documents and evidence to prove it. The civil court could then either demand the issuer to pay or face jail term.

You may have to pay a fine or undergo imprisonment depending upon the decision of the public prosecution.

But, all is well that ends well…
But Gohain survived the ordeal as on his behalf the Assam based industrialist Md Mustaque Anfar, of Oudh Al Anfar group, paid the fine as the Dubai industrialist was reached out from Assam and he came forward to help the young entrepreneur, who was not known to him personally.

Earlier Gohain’s friends mounted a cross-continental help to save him from going to imprisonment as a legal team was arranged hurriedly and sent to Dubai. The Washington based Indian Embassy also chipped in as a vast network of well connected Assamese was established in a short period to take on the UAE legal system and get him out.

Explaining the whole ordeal, Gohain in his own face book post writes:

“I am thankful to Cotton college senior Dr Bhupen Chutia da for doing his best to help me by coordinating most of the things. I am also thankful to another Cotton college senior and IFS (Indian Foreign Service) Officer Gaurangalal Das da (presently in Indian embassy in Washington) who extensively coordinated with Indian Consulate in Dubai to provide all the necessary diplomatic help and legal advice to me and my team here. Of course, Indian Consulate in Dubai deserves my special thanks. “

“I am also thankful to senior Supreme Court lawyer Saadhan Kalita da who rushed to Dubai from New Delhi at very short notice, despite his extremely busy schedule. Kalita da coordinated extremely well with my Dubai lawyer Md Abdulla to formulate a defence strategy.’

” I am also grateful to industrialists Md Mustaq Anfar , Mr Yogesh Mardani who using their good networks in Dubai made the workload much lighter for our legal team here. I am ever grateful to them.”

” I am also grateful to few other friends who have requested anonymity but on their own coordinated with the above-mentioned gentlemen to extend their timely and very useful advice.”

However, it is not yet known whether he will continue to do business in the UAE or will return after this experience.

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