Delhi Court Dismisses Nirbhaya Convict’s Plea for Medical Treatment

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The Delhi Patiala House Court on Saturday dismissed the plea for medical treatment filed by one of the convicts of the Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case in 2012 Vinay Sharma.

Vinay Sharma had filed a plea seeking better treatment for his claimed “mental illness, schizophrenia and head and arm injuries.”

Dismissing the plea for medical treatment of Vinay Sharma, the Delhi Court also asked the Tihar authorities to ensure adequate medical care to all the convicts. The court also observed that Vinay Sharma’s mental condition is fine, according to the jail officials, and that the death row convict does not need medical treatment.

The Patiala House Court also noted that there is no objective sign of psychological distress adding that the convict desires himself to be falsely diagnosed. The court also noted that general anxiety and depression in a case or a death row convict is obvious.

The convict Vinay Sharma had injured himself by banging his head against a wall of his cell in Tihar jail two days ago.

According to prison officials, Vinay had briefly stopped eating. “He is irritable in nature and acts differently from the other three convicts. His nature is different from the other three,” they said.

“Vinay Sharma got hurt inside his cell after he banged his head against a wall on Sunday afternoon. While he was at it, security personnel saw him, stopped him immediately and called the doctors,” a senior jail official said.

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