Delhi Oxygen Crisis: 25 Sickest Patients Die at Ganga Ram Hospital


25 “sickest patients” have died in the last 24 hours at the Ganga Ram hospital in Delhi, a statement from the hospital said on Friday morning. In an SOS at around 8 am, the hospital also said it had oxygen for only two more hours and that 60 more patients are at risk.

“25 sickest patients have died in last 24 hours  Oxygen will last another two hours. Ventilators and Bipap not working effectively. Resorting to manual ventilation in ICUs and Emergency. Major crisis likely. Lives of another 60 sickest patients at risk, need urgent intervention,” the hospital’s Director, Medical, said in a statement as reported by NDTV.

The hospital also said it needed oxygen to be airlifted urgently, the report stated.

Sources say low oxygen pressure could have contributed to the deaths.

Ganga Ram hospital, one of Delhi’s top private hospitals, is treating more than 500 Covid patients, according to reports.

Several hospitals have, over the past three days, flagged a crisis of oxygen supply amid rising Covid cases, and many have approached the Delhi High Court for help.

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